lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

otro poema de ariana reines

quería traducir este poema pero es tan bueno, que me dejó sin aliento... no lo pude traducir... lo pongo en inglés..

your mother and i

to be read aloud, three or more voices, as one: in unison

your mother and i

feel it is important

to share our view of the world with you

before we go.

the physical world which is to say

the planet as it is for us

will have dissolved or become translated

before you reach proper dying age

although now it seems merely covered over

things will get worse.

ask anyone whose intelligence

you respect. for the time being though

i want you to know

what information technology means

in our estimation, your mother’s and mine,

because it is, we think, what will continue to flow for a while

when all the rivers are dry and the oceans are fetid and rotting

and the sky is opaque both for real and in all minds

your mother and i have discussed this

at length throughout our marriage

la versión completa acá

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